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Packaging and Labels

At ASH Proyectos Creativos we go further, seeking to ensure that the design of the Packaging & Labelling, whether packaging or labels, generates an experience.

If you want your product to succeed, call us and we will turn your product into an irresistible desire for your potential customer.

The design of a product's packaging, whether it is on a label, case, box, bottle, bag, pouch, container, etc... immediately shows the personality of a product and is the most effective way to differentiate it from its competition. Packaging is a key strategic asset for consumer brands.

In order to design a good PACKAGING the first thing we must consider is the target audience of the product.
The age, social position, tastes and preferences and everything related to the consumer of the product should be thoroughly analysed.

It must attract attention and differentiate itself from its competitors, but without ever neglecting good FUNCTIONALITY.

When designing, 4 fundamental criteria must be taken into account:


Diseño packaging & labelling

Good packaging must be COHERENT with the positioning of the product, always providing good added VALUE.



Packaging is a silent promoter of our product.

Their graphic design is a decisive factor in signage, differentiation, exclusivity and aesthetics.

Professionals in Packaging and Labelling design, we design labels of all kinds, for example for a product as powerful as wine, that stand out and transmit the spirit of its interior and the heart of the brand.

Through the wine label we can transmit flavour, colour, smell, body and presence. The labels are the best claim and the best call to action to catch the eye of your buyer.

The sensations that your wine label can evoke are infinite. Don't neglect them and make sure they are all good.

And of course, we must not only take into account the characteristics that define the taste of the wine or its essence, but also its origin and destination, as the perception of the label must also be focused on the customer and the place where it is going to be marketed.


Tell us about your project and we will design customised bags so that your brand can travel around the world, leaving its mark and attracting the attention of other potential clients.

We promote and position brands through the packaging of your products. We highlight attributes and values so that your product can compete at the front line.

Customised bags for your shop, fairs, congresses and events. We design thinking about the material and format, suitable for each event and need.



We create packaging that will stand out on the shelf even when surrounded by other competing products.

We work with clients who believe that the design of their packaging will make a difference and increase the likelihood of being chosen by consumers.

We design the entire packaging ecosystem, such as structure, typography, illustrations, colour, shape and iconography.



We design labels in all styles: vintage, modern, minimalist or with striking colours and illustrations.

We immerse ourselves in each packaging design project, respecting the specific characteristics that the brand must communicate.

We can give your brand prestige, quality and identity through the design of your label.

Do you want to enjoy with us the labelling process of your product?


We adapt the designs so that they can be used in silkscreen printing on glass.

Vitrifiable screen printing, cold screen printing, decals and pad printing.

Do you want your project to have a differential value? All our creative work has its own character, representative and close to its target user.


Cosmetic packaging designs. If there is a product par excellence that attracts us because of its packaging, it is the cosmetic product. For its presentation, cleanliness, elegance and beauty. Trust us with your project and multiply the sales of your product.




One container, well-executed case, box, bottle, pouch, label and designed are a guarantee of success and a provocateur of emotions for the consumer.

There is no doubt that the role of the designer is indispensable when it comes to creating effective packaging that conveys the essence of the product and attracts the consumer's attention.

We design product packaging to take us on a journey from the naming to every little detail within the packaging.

Why invest in good Packaging & Labelling design?

The effort of investing in a good Packaging & Labelling design is worthwhile as it will be the spokesperson for the product, the first communication and something that builds the brand, and will, in itself, attract customers.

We create coherent brand architectures, with professional designs.

The challenge of each project is to transmit all the strength and personality of the brand in a different format and category.