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Visual identity & Landing page Talenttify


Talenttify connects you with the best talent to thrive within your organisational culture.

For this, the new company needed a very fresh and dynamic but at the same time minimalist and elegant image.

We started working on a concept of connection and communication between recruiters, candidates and companies looking for new talent to incorporate into their teams. We created the global image of the brand based on a letter t that encompasses, aTtract, elevaTe, Talent, Trainig etc... and a small point of communication, that point that MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

On a very dynamic and visual landing page, the main services of the startup are presented, and in a very concise way the advantages and benefits that the company provides. www.talenttify.com

If you want your COMPANY to make a difference, ASH Proyectos Creativos is your design studio.


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