Integral Branding Project

From naming to the final product

We help our clients to connect with their customers through design and strategy, but first we have to work on a very important step, the naming of the brand.

In a naming project or the creation of a name for a brand, the starting point is a first concept from which we generate a text or image, which helps to give shape and life to something that was previously an abstract idea.

Within our team, we have specialists in different services and normally each one deals with one part of the projects. But when it comes to naming, all the heads of the agency are working on them:

  • Company names
  • Product names
  • Service Names
  • Corporate Naming
naming branding & packaging MrChicko
naming mr-chicko

How does Mr. Chicko sound to you?

We love it!

Mr. Chicko in a super appetizing project of quality fast food with chicken as the main product 🐔🐓🍗. 

We started with the name, with an exhaustive research of the sector until we found a catchy name, with strength, that hooks and that gives notoriety to the CHICKEN itself jjjj. And after further evaluating many, many options, the winner is MR. CHICKO.

We continue giving an image to the name, creating the silhouette of a rooster with his chest raised, coming out of the letter O to eat the world... what he doesn't know is that they are going to eat him...

This isotype is modern, and with the negative design style, it fits perfectly with embroidered uniforms, special print finishes and elegant packaging.


naming branding & packaging restaurant

Naming = easy?

rather no....

Let's face it. You can't talk about virality without "a great name". A good name is the easiest way to establish a connection with consumers. But naming a brand can be a very painful process in any project or company.

Successful product names are short, snappy and memorable. They can also harness the power of words to give meaning to the brand, which will simplify the work of the communications team. Of course, there are many other elements to consider; who you are targeting and how you want to be perceived are just two of the factors to consider. It's a fun yet challenging process for us, and one that you can fully rely on.

Types of names

  • Descriptive

  • Neologisms

  • Acronyms

  • Geographical

  • From Person

  • Mix of words

Naming Experts

Some examples of naming or creation of names for companies
made by our creative team.


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