icono ash proyectos creativos


The company that owns these two firms commissioned us to create two projects for the creation of their product image.

LaGauci is a brand that designs high quality home accessories and textiles.

They were to represent luxury and the high quality of their products.

We created a monogram with the two consonants that have more strength on the name and by playing with capital letters and small caps we turned a word without much sense... (lagauci...) into a BRAND with name and prestige as LaGauci.

Freedomlane is another brand owned by the same company as LaGauci and they produce the same products but with different styles.

It also sought to represent the superior quality of its products and, above all, its fabrics.

Moreover, the idea of a tree without limits perfectly represents the story Freedomlane wants to tell through the overcoming of its founders to make their way in the market.