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Relying on a Naming Agency to find a name for your company or project is more common than you think.

The naming is the first step to giving personality to a brandThe right name says a lot about the brand, makes it more attractive and, above all, more recognisable.

If you are here, it is because you know how difficult it can be to find the right name and how long it can take.

We enjoy christening brands with:

Descriptive names
Names with values
Names with good phonetics

Names without negative connotations
Names with available domains
Registrable trade mark names

What process do we follow to create a company or brand name?

Naming and Branding always together

Before starting the search for the name, we must think about the central pillar of the brand, since all the elements of the company's corporate identity (logo, brandbook, visual identity, verbal identity, tone of communication, etc.) will be created around the name.

Next, we will analyse the market and the target audience for our product or service.

And, of course, the competition by drawing up a list of brand names from other sectors that are similar to our project.

Naming for companies

Naming project, Branding & Web for Be Singular an online shop for plus size shoes.

Project for Naming, Branding & Packaging for a gourmet chicken restaurant.

Defining objectives and the way forward

Sector and competition analysis

In the brainstorming that you will do with your naming agency, hundreds of proposals will be born and it is very important to be clear from the beginning what we want to transmit and also what we don't want to transmit.

Some examples of the style of the name may be:

  • Luxury or Economy Name
  • Youth or Formal Name
  • Name with neutral or positive tone
  • Memorable or convoluted name
  • National or International Name

Preliminary listing and name selection

From 100 names to 6... How difficult!

Several brains are involved in this process at the same time. The diversity of perspectives contributes to enriching the process and opening up new avenues.

Once the final names have been selected, the availability of the trademark and domain registration is checked.

That is why the support of your naming agency is so important because it has the knowledge to carry out the whole process of creating the name of your brand or company and to ensure that this "NAMING" is engraved in the brain of your clients, forever.

Brand Naming Agency

Name creation project, Logo & Packaging for an artisan oven.

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If you need a powerful name for your brand, the ASH Proyectos Creativos team has all the tools to help you.

Talk to us, tell us your idea and we will advise you from the first moment and throughout the whole process.

Frequently asked questions about

Naming & Branding in Madrid and throughout Spain

Choosing an effective name for your business involves considering several key factors. First, define your brand identity and values. Next, make sure the name is easy to remember, pronounce and spell. Originality and domain availability are also crucial. Consider cultural and linguistic resonance to avoid misunderstandings. A strategic approach, supported by market research, can help you create a name that is not only distinctive, but also connects with your target audience.

The search for the best naming agencies in your area can start by exploring online reviews, client testimonials and portfolios of previous work. Recognised companies specialising in naming, such as ASH Creative Projects would be a great choice! Also, consider each agency's specific expertise in your industry and consult with marketing professionals for personalised recommendations.

The cost of hiring a naming agency can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the project and the reputation of the agency. In our agency we offer, as part of the service, which ranges from €400 to €800, market research, competition analysis and name feasibility tests.

The process of naming a company usually involves research, idea generation, sifting and testing. It begins with a thorough analysis of the brand, its audience and competitors. Idea generation involves creativity and keyword association. This is followed by screening to assess the legal and cultural viability of names. Group focus tests can validate emotional response and recall. Finally, the most effective name is selected and the availability of the domain is verified. This process, led by a specialised agency, can optimise your company's identity.

Domain availability is essential when choosing a name for your business due to the increasing importance of online presence. A domain that matches your company name makes it easier for customers to identify and remember. In addition, having a domain name available avoids confusion and legal conflicts with other brands. Consistency between your business name and your web presence reinforces brand consistency, improves search engine visibility and facilitates the creation of a strong and unified digital presence. Therefore, when selecting a name, it is crucial to check the availability of the corresponding domain to ensure a smooth and effective online presence.