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Branding Packaging startup ADNTRO


ADNTRO is a startup that offers a very innovative product. Through a saliva sample they generate a report with SUPER interesting data about your DNA.

ANCESTRY: What geographical mixes does our DNA offer us?
NUTRITION AND SPORT: Information about your genetic predisposition to food intolerances as well as information relevant to sport.
Genetic information on traits with a high genetic component (e.g. height, eye colour...); and personality traits (e.g. extroversion - Personality Index).


HEALTH: Main diseases studied at the genetic level and our predisposition to them.
DNA: Our genotype for over 750,000 genetic markers plus an online tool to have fun and learn about your genetics.
Studies based on over 500k adults on
Educational Achievement, General Cognitive Ability, Vocabulary Breadth in Children, etc...

At ASH Proyecto Creativos we made an exhaustive analysis of the competition and proposed a communication strategy to design the whole image, from the branding and complete corporate image to the packaging & labelling in accordance with the branding.

Subsequently, work was carried out on the instruction manual for the use of the test in a small format within your own test.
Finally, all the design and structure guidelines to be followed on the product's website were established.

Visit their website ADNTRO